Energy Efficient Windows
Designed for Passive Homes

Intus WindowsNo one will confuse these premium windows for those cheapie vinyl models advertised by Willy's World of Windows. Then again, if it's your energy bill you're trying to keep on the cheap side, Intus Windows are a much better buy.

Here's the number that really counts: an effective insulation value of as much as R-11. Intus Windows achieves that thermal performance with multi-coated Low-e triple pane glass, triple sealed for added effectiveness, and warm-edge polymeric spacers for minimal thermal transfer. Designers can chose from a variety of wood claddings, fortified with European hardware for a lifetime of smooth, easy operation.

Those performance advantages of earned Intus Windows a place in Norwich University's next entry in the annual Solar Decathlon competition. The NU team will enter a passive home that features solar panels on the roof, Intus Windows, and a host of other green innovations.
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