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It's a tough decision that many homeowners in older homes have to make. Will they continue living with their home's drafty original windows; should they put in some cheesy-looking vinyl windows; or can they invest in pricey wood replacement windows? Even if they opt for the wood, it won't look as good in their home as the old original windows.

Sam Pardue faced that challenge on his own 1906 craftsman home. “It has beautiful divided-light windows, rippling glass, the works,“ he described. “I hated all the options for doing something about my windows, and hated the idea of replacing them.” So Pardue set out to develop a new option - attractive looking window inserts that would convert his existing single pane windows into double panes without the need for replacements.

Indow WindowsThe resulting product - known as Indow Windows - is a lightweight window insert that fits snugly within the interior frame of the existing window to form an airtight seal and create a thermal air pocket between the original glass and the insert's clear acrylic panel. “The acrylic we're using is a modern formulation that will not yellow or crack from exposure to UV,” said Pardue.

The real genius of the product is the measuring system. Indow Window dealers use an off the shelf laser measuring device that connects by bluetooth to a custom web app that manages all the dimensional data. The system eliminates virtually every risk of measurement error. “Our measuring process and manufacturing process allows us to make a perfect fit, even if the window is significantly out of square,“ said Pardue.

About 95% of the products the company supplies is either a parallelogram or a trapezoid, because it has been quite popular in older homes where the windows have shifted out of square.

Indow Windows Thermal Image

Better Than Dual Pane?
Indow Windows usually doubles the effective R-value of most single pane windows. “But where we really shine is in dealing with the air infiltration,“ Pardue stated. “Our products offer industry leading performance in terms of draft elimination. When you put an Indow Window on the inside of a window, you have virtually eliminated all the air infiltration, making it comparable to a high-end double or triple pane window. It makes a very tight window.”

Another area where Indow Windows excels is in the reduction of noise. The standard Indow Window reduces noise by 50% compared to a single pane window. There's also an acoustic grade Indow Window that's an upgrade option which reduces noise by 70%. By comparison, upgrading to a standard double pane window will only lead to a 25% reduction.

To date, Indow Windows have been installed in homes from every decade of construction. “We have had customers here in Portland put them on the inside of new double pane windows because their home was just too chilly and drafty,“ Pardue noted. “However, we have found that the sweet spot of the market for us is the older home - the home built before 1960.”

Installation is easy. “Our dealers love it because they can be in and out of a home in just a couple of hours,” Pardue stated. “They don't have to deal with dry rot in the wall, they don't have to cope with any lead containment issues, so it's a very predictable install. Their customers can go out for a cup of coffee, and when they come back their windows are insulated.”

Indow Windows are supplied in 5 different grades and 3 basic colors: off-white, black, and brown, with 3 additional colors available soon. The basic model retails for $20 per square foot, plus a $10 measuring and install fee. That price includes a comfortable dealer margin. “We realize that dealer profitability is a key component to our eco-system and how we want to do business.”

InstallationDealer Opportunities
“Indow Windows provides our dealers a compeling way to stand out from their competitors because it is such a unique product,” said Pardue “It's easy for a dealer to add Indow Windows to their program.“

There's a modest investment in the measuring kits, but as a custom product, there are no inventory requirements. New dealers can take e-learning course to learn how to use the measuring system and perform an installation without having to travel to the company's headquarters in Portland, Oregon.

Indow Windows is actively seeking new dealers across North America. Aside from retailers, Pardue sees the line as a good match for home performance contractors, insulation specialists, window tinting companies, and HVAC contractors.“We provide the dealer with an exclusive territory, and we have highly targeted turn-key marketing programs to drive up demand, including on-line advertising,” he said.

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