Diving in to WaterSense

Perhaps it's the economy, perhaps it's the new team in D.C., perhaps K&B designers have turned boldly eco-chic… or perhaps it's the incentive of qualifying for the EPA's WaterSense program. Whatever the cause, one trend that stood out at this year's Kitchen & Bath Show was the growing number of water conserving showers, toilets, aerators, and other plumbing products.

Commercial/Residential Graywater Management System

Sloan's AQUS Graywater System significantly reduces the amount of clean, potable water used in toilets by reusing reclaimed greywater, which is perfectly suitable for flushing. AQUS captures water that flows down lavatory sinks and funnels it through a sanitizing device that cleans and filters the water. The water is then held in a storage reservoir under the sink. When a toilet that is connected to the system flushes, it pumps water from the reservoir over to the flush tank.

Based on technology developed by WaterSaver Technologies, the AQUS is ideal for hotels, schools, commercial or goverment buildings, and other structures that have restrooms with conventional, tank-type toilets. The installed system can contribute points toward LEED certification.

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Water-saving showerheads

Delta's “Water-Efficient Showerhead with H2Okinetic Technology” uses only 1.5 gallons of water per minute but creates the illusion of a conventional 2.5 gpm shower. Here's how: advanced engineering produces larger water droplets moving at high velocity, that flow in a concentrated spray pattern. The units are supplied in a variety of colors, finishes, and designs that are designed to complement the typical hotel bathroom facility.

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Remote control water heaters

Homeowners can now easily take control of the energy used by their Rheem 40- or 50-gallon power-vent gas-fired water heaters by using a wired remote control that communicates with a Honeywell Control Valve inside the water heater. The remote can be positioned anywhere in the house – kitchen, bath, mudroom, or downstairs in the basement. The user simply pushes buttons on an LCD device to adjust water temperature or monitor 14 diagnostic check points, including remaining hot water levels. Settings are clearly readable on the easy to use LCD display. There's even a “vacation” mode to hibernate the water heater when no one is home. The water heater units are ENERGY STAR certified.

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Recycled PEX tubing

AquaPEX Reclaimed Water Tubing from Uponor is made from crosslinked polyethylene that offers flexiblility, durability, corrosion-resistance, 25-year limited warranty. Its purple coloring designates the tubing is for greywater systems that supply non-potable, reclaimed water to laundry, toilets and irrigation systems. Eligible for LEED and NAHB-Green credits.

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