Replacement flushless urinal cartridge

The Green Cartridge is a cost-effective lifetime replacement cartridge that fits Sloan and Falcon models of flushless urinals. A low-power electronic valve mechanism eliminates the use of chemicals, so maintenance needs are minimized and there are no contaminant issues in the waste stream. The unit operates on a touchless proximity sensor, and an optional UV sanitizing ring can provide additional germicidal benefits. There's also an optional green light to illuminate the target chamber in poorly lit environments. The tamper free unit can be removed for cleaning and although it can resist cleaning solvents, the manufacturer recommends a simple water flush.

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Remote shut-off switch

FLO n STOP is an easy to use wireless remote-controlled water security system. A user can simply touch the ‘off' button conveniently located at an entry door when leaving the home, and water is shut off to all plumbing fixtures. Upon returning home, pushing the ‘on' button restores all water functions. 

It's easily installed by plumbing the system's solenoid valve into the water supply line just after the main shut off valve. The valve is triggered by the AC-powered transceiver module. 

FLO n STOP can also be programmed for use in multi-family housing structures with as many as 250 units, to assure that each dwelling has its own exclusive unit code. Apart from the ordinary advantages of conserving water from unexpected leaks, the system provides security for structures in earthquake areas.

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Self-cleaning transparent p-trap

PermaFLOW is a p-trap replacement made of clear ABS plastic that is designed to generate turbulence and flow in normal operation, even with low-flow lavatory systems. As a result, it will minimize the build-up of unhealthy residue and minimize the risk of clogs. If a clog does occur, an easy-to-use external knob sweeps residual gunk out of the way without the need to add harsh chemicals which would compromise the safety of graywater recovery systems. That same mechanism can impel lost jewelry items to the surface if they're dropped down the sink.

A single model will fit standard 1-1/2” (kitchen) or 1-1/4” (bath ) plumbing with its supplied adaptor, and it's compatible with piping made from all common materials – brass, chrome, ABS, or polypropylene. It's recommended for both home and commercial use, where weekly inspection can prevent service-interruption problems common to conventional p-traps. PermaFLOW may contribute LEED credits for water use and for green cleaning.

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Low-Flow designer faucet

“The Bridge” faucet from Water Decor is touch-less, smartly engineered, and elegantly constructed. Two cylinders, one ending with a pressure control and another with a temperature mixer, intersect to create a comfortable, satisfying water flow. The control box is mounted underneath the sink and is designed for automatic operation. Available in polished, brushed, and matte, chrome, nickel, copper, or bronze. Extensions are available for vessel sinks.

A commercial version and wall mountable version are also available.

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WaterSense Lavatory

The Fina collection from Moen incorporates a flow-optimized aerator and the faucet features a marquis-shaped spout to offer a beautiful, sheeting water presentation that complements its modern styling. The water conserving line has earned the EPA's WaterSense label.

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