AccuMix – A Green Way to
Stay Ahead of Plumbing Codes

Over time, plumbing codes have changed, and what may have worked before, might not work with the latest water heaters on the market. Simply buying a mixing valve and plumbing it into an existing water heater doesn't always conform to the current codes.

In order to meet the provisions of Uniform Plumbing Code (UPC) 413.1, Eemax engineered AccuMix – the first ever thermostatic temperature controlled heater with an ASSE 1070-2004 code compliant mechanical integrated mixing valve. ASSE 1070-2004 is a standard that states: "Water temperature limiting devices shall control and limit the water temperature to fittings for sinks, lavatories, or bathtubs and are intended to reduce the risk of scalding. They should supply tempered water to plumbing fixture fittings, or be integral with plumbing fixture fittings supplying tempered water. The device shall be equipped with an adjustable and lockable means to limit the setting towards the hot position."(

Eemax designed its AccuMix electric tankless water heater to include internal piping with fewer connections and simplified fittings, which cuts down on installation time and cost. For constant and safe water output, AccuMix eliminates the risk of scalding with its factory pre-set temperature of 105°F, ideal for hand-washing applications in single and multi-lavatory applications. With quick temperature ramp-up time, AccuMix is 99% energy efficient, saving water and energy, which reduces your utility costs.

"Our AccuMix Series offers a simple and efficient 'green' solution, specifically engineered to be compliant with today's plumbing codes," stated Kevin Ruppelt, President of Eemax. "It is perfectly suited for use in public restrooms in retail stores, restaurants, medical environments, office buildings, factories, schools, or any commercial building." 

Choosing the correct electric tankless water heater for the right application can be complicated. But, Eemax has simplified the process by offering unparalleled technical support and engineering resources, and a nationwide network of wholesale distributors and local plumbing supply houses.

Eemax offers an extensive product line ranging from small hand washing units (2.4 kW) all the way up to commercial drench shower units (126kW). Eemax products are made in the USA, are lead-free, and qualify for LEED points in green building renovations and projects.

Visit for detailed product information on the AccuMix Series and the complete line of electric tankless water heaters for commercial or residential use. Or call the company at (800) 543-6163.

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