Purdy's EcoPro Brushes
And Roller Covers

There's nothing new about green paints, but quality green applicators – pro grade brushes and rollers – are something altogether new. A brush may look like a simple device, but there are a lot of things that go into making a pro brush or roller better than an ordinary model.

The brush filaments need just the right degree of flex, exactly the right level of flagging for a smooth flow, with a very precise placing and spacing of those filaments within the metal ferrule. The handle should fit the painter's hand in a way that promotes an ideal grip without risk of hand fatigue or cramping when used day after day for hours at a time. It all comes together to produce a clean finish with
no uneven coverage and no visible brushmarks. The tool should clean up easily after using latex and oil based finishes, and be ready for the painter to use again and again… a must when considering the higher price of premium paint brushes.

There are also key steps that separate a sustainable brush or roller from an ordinary or greenwashed applicator. The fibers, filaments, and handles should all be certifiably sustainable.

That's a unique mix of product specs, and – to date – the only U.S. made brushes and rollers that meet those standards are the EcoPro line from Purdy. The brushes are supplied in 2-1/2 and 3 inch sizes, produced with FSC certified beechwood handles and recycled DuPont black nylon filaments. The 3/8 inch nap rollers utilize recycled material mounted on a formaldehyde free core.

While neither of these products will earn any LEED credits, a pro painter working on a green project will instantly respect the Purdy name on the label.

www.purdy.com • 800-547-0780

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