Bio-Based Timber Ox Green Wood
Protectant Stain is Naturally Robust

Timberox StainLumber is an organic material, so when it comes to protecting wood, 'natural' is better. That's the idea behind Timber Ox Green, a wood finish line made from premium agriculturally-renewable materials and free of toxic, polluting petrochemical solvents. The product was developed by an Indiana wood restoration contractor seeking to offer long-lasting protection for log homes, decks, siding, and cedar shake roofing.

The product's forumula differs from conventional wood finishes in several important ways. Its robust formula relies on castor oil to achieve deeper penetration, coupled with a citrus-based solvent. As it cures, it forms a triple polymer bond within the wood rather than forming a film over the surface of the wood. Titanium dioxide micro-particles - supplemented by transparent iron oxide - provide superior protection from UV rays, and automotive grade iron oxide pigments provide longer lasting color. The finish is mold resistant, water resistant, rot resistant, and comes with an impressive 3-year warranty for horizontal surfaces and a 5-year warranty on vertical.

In addition to supplying contractors and independent retailers across the U.S., the parent company itself stains over 100 decks and restores more than 30 cedar shake roofs per year."From the outset we really wanted to make the very best finish we could, for use in our own exterior wood restoration business," said John Nearon, sales manager for Timber Ox. That hands-on experience has led the company to continue tweaking the product for enhanced performance as new bio-based technology becomes available.

Timberox Cedar Shake


"The suggested retail is $64 for a product that should last 3 years," Nearon added. This is a product, he notes, that is best sold through independent retailers who can explain what makes the product stand out from commodity priced materials. "We're more expensive than something you'll find at the big boxes, but I don't ever see our business model fitting in with the big boxes." Timber Ox offers a variety of marketing aids, including a field sample kit that shows off its palette of 7 exterior and 2 interior colors and demonstrates how well the product penetrates into sample planks of radiata pine. 

VOC compliant Timber Ox stain is legal for use in all 50 states, qualifies as a USDA Bio-Preferred Stain and can contribute to LEED (Credits MR 4.2 and MR 6) and NAHB-Green.

For more information, dial 317-758-5942 or visit

Timber Ox Green Bio-Based Stain

Recycled latex paint

Boomerang Latex Paint is produced from unused portions of recovered domestic paints. The paint is collected, sorted by type, separated by color, and then reconstituted with key performance-boosting additives. The finished product contains well over 90 percent consumer recycled materials, attractively packaged to be sold for prices well below virgin paint. it is available in a designer palette of 9 colors in a washable, low-luster sheen.

Boomerang has been in the recycled paint business for over then years, and one million cans of Boomerang paint were sold in 2010. Available in ones and fives, the product applies and performs like a mid-priced professional paint. Boomerang Paint is programmed to retail under $15 per gallon.

819-758-5497 •

Low-Toxicity Paint Stripper
Suitable for Historic Preservation Projects

Dumond's SmartStrip is a high-performance paint remover that is free of caustics, VOCs, and carcinogens. The stripper has the consistency of a paste and can be applied by trowel or by airless sprayer. Once it's in place, it can remove up to 30 layers of old paint. Since it stays moist, it can even be used with lead paint. Optional peel-away paper covering allows large areas of old paint to be pulled off in sheets. • 212-869-6350

Easy-Mix Tint System for PolyWhey Finishes

Vermont Natural Coatings' Woodtone Series Concentrated Tints can be added to their PolyWhey Furniture Finish or PolyWhey Premium Floor Finish to create a complete color system without the need for expensive tint dispensers or turbo-mixers. The tints mix quickly and have superior colorfastness, ensuring consistent tone throughout a project. With zero VOC content and no flash point, Woodtone Series Concentrated Tints provide safe, professional color during and after application.

Colors available in the Woodtone Series Concentrated Tints include Golden Oak, Cherry, Cordovan, Oil Tone, Dark Walnut, Early American, Ebony and Fruitwood. They are available in four ounce containers..

802-472-8700 •

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