The Hottest (and Coldest) Deal 

The EXPENSIVE Energy Problem: 
Staying comfortable is getting more and more expensive every day. Experts throughout the world are predicting a steady increase in electricity and gas costs. With the current economy in what seems to be a freefall, the news that energy costs are inflating is an escalating problem with renters and homeowners around the world. It's no wonder that, with so many people concerned about saving money and conserving energy, the global community is actively seeking cost-effective, energy-saving solutions. 

Over the years, EdenPURE¨ has become the world's leader in infrared portable heaters and has done its part to satisfy millions of customers by helping them remain comfortable while saving money on their energy consumption. By lowering the home's main thermostat and allowing the thermostatically-controlled EdenPURE¨ heater to regulate heat in the rooms that actually get used, a plethora of satisfied customers have boasted savings on their heating bills. 

Even though the EdenPURE¨ GEN3 heater has saved people money and solidified its spot in the “Green Energy World,” it remains a product that, for the most part, is primarily used during the colder months of the year. These heaters aren't much help in the summer time, when air conditioners run at peak capacity to keep homes cool. In fact, whether an air conditioner is even present or not, people still have to contend with the warm rays of the sun beating against their homes. 

The INEXPENSIVE Energy Solution: 
Imagine if a consumer could reduce energy costs in both the summer and winter with a simple, yet affordable, solution. Imagine if it could be done without even needing an actual appliance like the EdenPURE¨ heater. Such a product does exist and it was designed through the NASA Exchange Product Program. 

Insuladd by EdenPURE¨ is an insulating paint additive that imbues ordinary paint with a thermal barrier. This thermal barrier keeps heat from escaping through the walls and ceiling during colder times of the year. In addition, it keeps solar heat from entering through the walls and ceiling during the warmer times of the year. In essence, Insuladd by EdenPURE¨ creates a thermal barrier in a user's walls and ceiling and helps people maintain and keep heat where they want it. 

As stated above, the patent pending Insuladd technology was developed through the NASA Exchange Product Program in 1996 and has been making people more comfortable for less money for the last fourteen years. Insuladd has performed favorably in independent tests conducted by Geosciences Ltd, The Chinese Academy of Building Research, The Huanan University of Science and Technology and many other independent facilities. 

A complete overview of the different tests and testing facilities is available under the “Testing” section of

How It Works: 
Insuladd is a ceramic paint additive that augments home insulation through a complex blend of microscopic hollow ceramic spheres. Unlike the knock-off brands, the ceramic spheres in Insuladd have a vacuum inside—similar to mini-thermos bottles. Their ability to reflect heat allows Insuladd to block heat loss from inside the home during colder months when heat is valuable; moreover, it also blocks heat gain from outside sources during warmer months. 

The ceramic particles inside Insuladd improve home insulation by creating what is referred to as a “thermal barrier.” The particles inside this ceramic paint refract, reflect and dissipate heat. Because of this unique method of energy conversation, Insuladd can immediately start saving users money on utility bills, thus living up to its claim of being the paint job that pays for itself. 

Here is what some customers are saying about Insuladd by EdenPURE

"I visited the site [storage facility] today and did some testing with an infrared thermometer. The temperature of the treated door was 115 degrees; the untreated unit's door was 138 degrees. The block work on the treated unit was 101 degrees and the untreated block was 116 degrees. I also installed a digital thermometer in each of the units and the treated unit was running approximately 10 to 12 degrees lower than the untreated unit. We checked the temperature in the units at approximately 3:30 PM and the treated unit's temperature was 121 degrees. The untreated unit was 131 degrees. It would seem to me that if the whole roof was treated, the interior temperature would be dropped by 35 degrees or close to that. "

“I had the entire exterior of my two-story house in the San Francisco Bay Area painted with two coats of Insuladd-added paint. The following month, I noticed a significant reduction in my PG & E bill. I am delighted with Insuladd and will be using it the next time we have my rental units painted. I am also encouraging my senior citizen clients to use Insuladd for the obvious savings it provides. You folks have a wonderful product!” 
--Joanne G--

The testimonials are by actual Insuladd customers who have volunteered their stories without any form of compensation from Insuladd. 

The Bottom Line: 
Insuladd by EdenPURE¨ makes saving money and increasing home comfort levels as easy as simply pouring and saving. It was developed in conjunction with the NASA Product Exchange Program and it has been sold internationally for over fourteen years. Adding Insuladd by EdenPURE¨ to any paint (exterior or interior), gives that paint the properties of a thermal barrier, which keeps heat where people want it. The barrier reflects warm rays of the sun and keeps homes cooler during the summer. During the winter, it keeps heat inside instead of letting it escape through the walls or ceiling. It's been tested and proven efficient by a gamut of various independent institutions and customers couldn't be happier. 

Where to Get It: 
Contact Executive Vice President Gary Wolfe. 
Phone: (760) 360-1867. Fax: (760) 360-0961. 

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