Fomo Products' Handi-Flow Channel Fill Foam


Handi-Flow Channel Fill from Fomo Products is designed to swiftly and easily flow around objects and fill cavities no matter how small and intricate. Channel Fill offers one of the highest aged R-values in polyurethane foam, reaching an R-7.2 per inch aged rating. Additionally, after being fully cured, Channel Fill will not settle, shrink or post expand over time like some other insulation materials, ensuring a complete air seal over time.

It is formulated with the company's High Flow pour-in-place polyurethane foam, allowing it to completely fill voids and cavities of all shapes and sizes with minimal fill points. Because of its chemical composition, Channel Fill offers a thermal signature detectable by thermal imaging cameras, giving contractors and end users a visual quality check to ensure a complete air seal and minimal job site waste.

Channel Fill’s versatility makes it ideal for use in a wide variety of applications, including metal window channels or window weight pockets. “This product can be used in a variety of complicated and nontraditional applications, making it a very versatile foam products," said Sara Jonas, VP/Marketing, Fomo Products. The two-component system is available in both refillable and disposable options.

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