MaxFill an Effective, Sustainable
Choice in Spray Foam Insulation

MaxFill Can
Touch ‘n Foam
 MaxFill is a DIY-friendly expanding foam insulating sealant that fills and seals larger gaps and cracks around residential or commercial structures. It's supplied in 12 and 16 ounce cans, which makes it a handy addition to any contractor's toolkit or homeowner's workbench.

Unlike conventional straw foams, however, MaxFill is produced from renewable resources and uses a reduced-VOC formula that is less polluting, and which provides a better answer for individuals concerned about indoor air quality.

Common interior uses of MaxFill include filling the gaps and voids around baseboards, basement walls, electrical junction boxes, wire and pipe penetrations, and air, heating and dryer vents.

Filling larger gaps with MaxFill

Outdoors, MaxFill creates an airtight, weather-resistant bond that seals out drafts along the bottom of siding edges where they meet the foundation; electric, gas, and A/C penetrations; along garage ceiling and wall joints; and outdoor faucets. Once cured, the foam also prevents infiltration by mice and insects. If used in exposed areas, the finished product can be sanded, painted, or stained to match existing decor.

Energy CalculatorProperly used, MaxFill can help building owners reduce heating and air conditioning use - with potentiaenergy savings as much as 30% - when installed on new or existing structures. An online Energy Savings Calculator can help users predict how much savings to expect.

MaxFill is UL-listed and may qualify for energy saving credits where applicable.

For more information, dial 800-323-7357
or visit

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