FLIR's Price Breakthroughs Make
Thermal Imaging Practical for All
Let's face it; some sustainable building materials might seem a little 'out there' for some folks - recycled leather countertops come to mind - but one green idea that everyone agrees on is saving energy. That's why FLIR's breakthrough pricing on thermal imaging equipment has garnered so much excitement across the industry.

Thermal imaging cameras allow building professionals to conclusively demonstrate the parts of a structure that contribute to wasting energy, such as under-performing insulation, inefficient windows, roofing system failures, poor caulking, and more. HVAC contractors can use thermal imaging to isolate leaky ductwork that makes heating and air conditioning more expensive.

FLIR's entry level thermal imaging camera, the FLIR i5, has a suggested retail price of $1,595, and the RESNET-compliant FLIR i7 retails at $1,995. Ergonomically lightweight by design, both infrared imagers offer remarkable image quality on their large 2.8" color displays, and feature thermal accuracy within 2%.

A dozen years ago, such technology would have cost $15,000, which priced it out of the reach of most construction professionals. But with FLIR's new pricing, infrared cameras may find a place in every contractor's toolbox. While the products can be used with little training, education is available in a wide range of building diagnostics that vastly increase the profit opportunities in thermal imaging.

The upcoming INFRAMATION CONFERENCE is a week-long education-oriented
event that offers an extensive menu of technical sessions, IR clinics, presentations and exhibits on infrared camera applications. There’s something for everyone from novice to veteran covering a wide range of topics from energy auditing, building science and condition monitoring, to R&D and life sciences. Attendees also have the opportunity to qualify for thermographer re-certification during the conference.

InfraMation takes place November 8-12 at Bally's in Las Vegas, with 
sessions throughout each day.
For more information about FLIR, visit  or call 866-477-3687
To learn about Inframation, visit or call 866-872-4647.

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