Indoor Air Quality Monitor

The AppliedSensor iAQ-2000 Indoor Air Quality Module is a sensitive, electronic component that monitors unhealthy airborne VOCs that may be sourced from smoke, odors and gases released from food preparation, from human metabolism, from cleaning supplies, or from building materials. The component is designed to integrate with HVAC systems in locations such as hotels, schools, offices, gyms, and other commercial facilities. Once installed, the unit automatically activates air handling systems to increase ventilation as needed to refresh the air. A smaller model – the iAQ-100 – is designed for use in smaller spaces.

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Recycled home HVAC filters

The Alen Airnamic MERV 8 home air filter is manufactured from 100 percent post-consumer recycled drink bottles. The product is available in 22 different sizes to fit most standard home or light commercial HVAC units, and custom sizes are also available. According to the manufacturer, the filter has been engineered to produce less air flow resistance, which can lead to more energy efficient heating and air conditioning performance.

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HVAC air disinfectant

The Pure-Beam ultraviolet light provides air disinfection and surface irradiation within HVAC systems. Testing indicates that exposure to UV can significantly reduce air contamination caused by mold, fungus, and viruses, and can cleanse surfaces of mold and slime. The compact Pure-Beam includes a light, ballast, transformer, and mounting bracket.

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