New HVAC Kit for Temperature & Electrical Measurements
The HVAC Meter Kit (KHV57030) from General Tools includes a new 30:1 Ultra Wide-Range IR Thermometer with K Port and a Rugged TRMS Multimeter with NCV Detection, making it ideal for builders, contractors, and energy auditors.

The DMM570 multimeter offers 19 functions over 48 ranges and it's drop-resistant to a height of 6 ft. Its built-in non-contact voltage (NCV) detector provides a safe way to check whether a line, cable or AC outlet is energized. The instrument also measures temperature (from -58° to 1112°F / -50° to 600°C) via the included K-type stem thermocouple probe. Readings are displayed on a backlit 3¾-digit (6,600 count) LCD with two digital readouts, as well as a fast-response analog bar graph.
The IRT730K IR thermometer measures surface temp using one of two methods: non-contact (via an IR thermometer with laser pointer) or contact (via a K-type bead thermocouple probe). The instrument has a measurement range of -58° to 1400°F (-50° to 760°C) via IRT and -58° to 1112°F (-50° to 600°C) via K port. The has a distance-to-spot ratio of 30:1, a laser targeting ring, and adjustable emissivity. It stores and recalls up to 100 readings and allows users to designate high and low temperature alarm set points. Readings are displayed on a backlit 5-digit LCD.

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