MP Global Underlayments Designed
For Cost-Effective Performance -
AND They're Certified Sustainable

MP Global started business a dozen or so years ago intent on manufacturing a line of products based on recycled textile fibers that would otherwise have gone into landfill. Founder Al Collison saw the recycled materials as vehicle for producing a better class of underlayment at a competitive price. "Basically, we were making a recycled product before it was cool," said Bob Pratt, MP Global's Technical Director. "Then, about 4 years ago, we decided it was time to promote the green nature of our products."

The company's flagship product, QuietWalk, is a premium underlayment for laminate flooring. What makes it a 'premium' product? "It has a really good compression resistance because it's made of fibers and it's not going to crush down over the life of the flooring," answered Pratt. "Plus, the fibrous portion of the pad will wick moisture and help dissipate it rather than trapping it underneath. QuietWalk also does a good job of reducing sound from one level to another. There are a number of tests for that, and our pads always rank among the top in terms of the sound deadening capacities."

In today's market, many buyers are opting for lower price laminates. A higher quality underlayment makes that type of cost savings a better bargain, according to Pratt. "If you buy a less expensive laminate, you need to put a better quality underlayment beneath it,"
he said. "The initial investment may be a little more, but the value over time is substantial."

A sister product to QuietWalk, Insulayment, uses the same fibers for use with glue-down and nail-down wood floors. Both products have 3rd-party independent certification from Scientific Certification Systems (SCS) confirming a recycled content of at least 95% pre-consumer content.

Both products have also earned SCS Indoor Advantage™ Gold certification, which is the highest SCS IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) rating. Products with this rating have met the emissions limits for California Section 1350 for 35 different off-gassing volatile organic compounds and CHPS - Collaborative for High Performance Schools - criteria. That means that underlayments are eligible for use in any government building or remodeling project.

At the same time, it's worth remembering that Indoor Air Quality has also become a hot selling point when dealing with both facility managers and families with young children.

For more information, visit or call 888-379-9695.
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