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The International Builders Show – the world's largest exposition of building & remodeling products – returned to Orlando, Florida on February 8-11. Here's a quick look at highlights from some key exhibitors of green building products. 

Rinnai FurnaceRinnai
Rinnai's Hydronic Furnace works in conjunction with their tankless water heating system to more efficiently heat an entire home. The unit uses hot water generated by Rinnai's tankless water heating system as its heat source, and that heat is then distributed throughout the home via the unit's blower through standard ductwork. The compact unit requires no venting or gas connections, making it easy to install in a closet or attic.

Mike HolmesPanasonic
Panasonic showcased its new Whisper Supply-Wall, the first filtered supply air fan designed specifically to meet ASHRAE 62.2 requirements for make-up/supply air; and its new 110 CFM WhisperGreen ventilation fan, manufactured for easy installation by builders.
Panasonic ventilator fans were located in many of the sample homes at IBS, but Panasonic's own booth was a show hot-spot for "fans" of HGTV host Mike Holmes.

Hy-Lite showed off their new in-swing egress casement-style window featuring sparkling acrylic blocks. A perfect mix of beauty, form and function, this new window offers up the practicality of meeting egress code requirements while providing privacy and elegance. Available in both new construction and replacement frames, the energy-efficient double- and triple-paned egress windows can be custom-sized to fit virtually any rough opening.

Collins FSC Ceritifed Wood

Decra TerracottaDECRA Roofing
Decra demonstrated its “hotbox” prove how DECRA Tiles stacks up against ENERGY STAR qualified asphalt shingles when it comes to keeping attics cooler. Here's how it works: both types of roof tiles cover their own "attic space" built into the hotbox; heat sensors in each measure the comparative temperatures. Observers can then see that the temps under the DECRA tile stay much cooler than the space under the white asphalt shingles.

Dow Building Solutions
THERMAX Sheathing and THERMAX White Finish Insulation are designed specifically for interior basement and crawl space walls. Proper below-grade foam insulation can reduce heat loss through concrete foundation walls, resist hydrostatic pressure, keep spaces dry and protect against frost. THERMAX  products feature an R-value of 6.5 at one inch.

Dow_Powerhouse 2Dow Solar
Dow POWERHOUSE Solar Shingles look and perform  like an ordinary shingle, but they also serve as flush-mounted photovoltaic panels. Free of the top-mounted racks that many communities find distracting, a POWERHOUSE solar home blends easily within its neighborhood. The shingles are designed for easy installation by roofing contractors.

The WaterSense-certified Flipside multi-function handshower cuts water consumption 20% without sacrificing experience. Multi–function handshowers have traditionally featured a single sprayface with spray options located on a singular sprayface. On the Flipside, the sprayface rotates on a user-friendly axis, with each side dedicated to its own spray type, making changes intuitive and effortless.

Ply Gem
Ply Gem introduced a variety of energy efficient window products including impact replacement windows, expanded design choices in wood, and new patio door options.

Maze Nails
Maze Nails is the nation's largest domestic manufacturer of hand-driven nails and nails for the pneumatic tools. While the company is best known for its hot-dipped galvanized nails – ideal for pressure treated wood – they also produce nails for every construction application. Maze Nails are SCS Certified for 85% recycled content, which means they contribute towards LEED certification. All Maze Nails are made in the U.S.A.

Original Rainwater Pillow
The Original Rainwater Pillow is an innovative rainwater harvesting system designed to be stored in "pillows" in horizontal wasted space under decks and crawl space. With capacities up to 200,000 gallons, complete rainwater harvesting kits include filters, pump, pillow, and all necessary fittings.

Therma-Tru doors were everywhere you looked at this year's show: their energy-efficient doors were used in the Cool Energy House, the Builder Concept Home, the EcoHome at Show Village, and the NextGen Home.
And naturally, there were also a wide assortment of Energy Star entry doors and patio doors at their booth as well.

Weyerhaeuser, a supplier of both SFI and FSC woods, displayed its newest advances in structural framing materials that help speed construction, improve quality, and reduce waste, such as the building- and fire code-rated Trus Joist TJI joist – a first in the building products industry – along with a self-draining technology for OSB floor panels to eliminate standing water during construction.

Uponor 30eUponor
Uponor demonstrated the fastest way to install radiant floor heating in the home: the Radiant Ready 30E. It includes all the necessary components, which are already installed in a preassembled panel, including the boiler, manifold, pump, expansion tank, pressure-relief valve, isolation valves, thermostat and air vent. Simply connect the tubing, thermostat and electrical power and you're done!

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