High-Performance Biodegradable
Lubricants from Camie-Campbell

Tom's Secret B404In the world of lubricants, finding a green product that delivers high-performance results on the jobsite would have been impossible up until a few years ago, until a new product emerged on the market. Named the Number One biodegradable lubricant by independent testing labs, Tom's Secret Formula B-404 All-Purpose Lubricant has been rated the best alternative to traditional petroleum-based products available.

Tom's Secret Formula B-404 is specially formulated with 100% USA-grown, renewable natural vegetable oils and selective additives. It is made without chlorine or regulated toxins, making B-404 safe for the user and the environment around the work area.

 can help increase productivity with many different applications.  It can be used for lubricating moving parts, loosening rusted and frozen bolts and nuts, blocking moisture and preventing rust from forming on any metal object. B-404 is safe for use on all metals. All Tom's Secret Formula products have a unique valve and actuator that allows for 360-degree spraying from any angle, even inverted.

Tom's Secret Test Results Tom's Secret Test Results

Tom's Secret Formula B-404 clings to surfaces and does not evaporate, providing longer lasting lubrication than conventional petroleum-based lubricants. In independent laboratory tests, B-404 outperformed the leading petroleum-based competitor, evaporating only .005% over a 15 day period, compared to 60% evaporation of the competitor's product.

Tom's Secret Formula is manufactured by 
Camie-Campbell, who for more than 50 years has provided the lubrication industry with the highest quality products at a value-driven cost. Committed to the highest level of service, quality and value to their customers, Camie-Campbell is environmentally conscious and is proud to be at the forefront of the lubrication industry.

For more information, visit www.tomssecretformula.com.

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