Concrete Counters Made Easy

Considering how easy it is to produce beautiful concrete countertops right at the jobsite, it's surprising that designers and builders choose to order heavy, expensive concrete slabs that must be trucked half-way across the country.
Buddy RhodesFor example, even do-it-yourselfers have learned to make attractive counters for kitchen and bath areas using Buddy Rhodes Concrete Counter Mix. It doesn't hurt that the company provides ample support by way of instructional literature, books, DVDs, and hands-on training courses. Buddy Rhodes himself is more than simply a manufacturer; he is nationally recognized as a skilled concrete artisan.
The product itself is supplied in a bone white ready-mix blend, but that's just a starting point. Rhodes supplies a color palette that features 16 different pigments that can be mixed to different strengths or mixed with each other. The finished counter will accept concrete stains and sealers, and can be troweled to a smooth finish with rounded edges.
It's possible to add glass strands for added strength, or insert decorative recycled glass chips to increase a counter's visual appeal. “We've been working with concrete as a decorative material for 25 years,” says Susan Andrews, Buddy Rhodes' VP. “You can add a lot of recycled aggregate and it will work just as well.” That means you can get LEED credit for using locally produced materials, and additional LEED opportunities for using recycled materials.
A 70 pound sack is good for about 4-1/2 square feet at 1-1/2 inch thickness, which adds up less than $18 per square foot. • 877-706-5303

Collins FSC Wood

Concrete Resurfacing Made Easier

The Deco-Poz concrete resurfacing system applies like conventional resurfacing products. But according to John Bennett, CEO of EcoProCote, the company's manufacturer, this reduced carbon-footprint material actually out-performs traditional products at a cost below $1.65 per square foot.

The Deco-Poz cement mix consists of a high performance blend of portland cement with a recycled white pozzolanic mineral additive. The recycled white pozzolan material helps reduces the portland cement content by 25% while increasing compressive strength and durability. Unlike fly ash or other post-industrial additives, the Deco-Poz pozzolans are free of iron, manganese, and other color-inducing chemicals. The product's polymer concentrate acts like a robust adhesive; it is extremely low-VOC and free of any toxic materials. Deco-Poz has contributed to LEED MR1, MR4, and EQ4 credits.

The finished product can be stained, finished, and polished in interior and exterior environments. It can be applied to floors, walls, and even non-cementitious countertops. • 877-366-7547

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