A Green Alternative
to Portland Cement

It's hard to hide a cement plant, and everyone knows that their tall smoke stacks pump plenty of carbon into the atmosphere. Neighborhood groups routinely try to block new cement plants from moving into their back yard. That's the sorry truth for virtually every cement plant on earth.

Except for the Blue Crete cement plant.

Blue Crete uses a geo-polymer binding agent as a low carbon-footprint alternative to Portland cement (OPC). No heat is required in Blue Crete's manufacturing process, so you won't see the familiar tall stacks. Unlike Portland cement, Blue Crete manufacturing does not depend on large kilns and massive levels of fossil fuel. Instead, the product is made from a blend of bio-based materials and post industrial waste. 

Despite those differences, Blue Crete looks like, acts like, and works like Portland cement, and the product itself results in a high performance concrete with compressive strength of 10,000 psi. It is water retardant, acid retardant, discourages the oxidation of rebar, and has a near zero coefficient of expansion – which makes it excellent in sub-freezing temperatures as well as tropical regions of the world. It does not transfer heat very well, and offers significant insulating properties.

Blue Crete is compatible with a wide variety of aggegates, including some unconventional choices such as crushed glass and rubber. It's currently being real-world tested in a variety of projects internationally for use in irrigation pipelines, roads, and commercial buildings. Its low-water requirement makes it particularly attractive in several arid regions of the globe.

According to Art Galietti, the company's Chief Operating Officer, Blue Crete will cost about 10%-15% less than Portland Cement to the end user. Galietti indicated that the company is planning to offer exclusive licenses to the raw material to manufacturers worldwide.

www.blueworldcrete.com • 561-929-8384

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