High Performance Flooring Systems
Ideal for Industrial, Commercial, 
& Residential Applications

Seal-Krete's High Performance Flooring Systems offers seamless concrete coating options to choose from, using the latest in polyaspartic, epoxy-based and water-based urethane technologies for industrial, commercial and residential applications.

Seal-Krete High Performance Coatings

Epoxy-Shell Systems
Epoxy-Shell is an economical epoxy-based floor coating system that blends durability with excellent adhesion to a variety of substrates, including concrete, quarry tile and plywood floors. Chemical resistant Epoxy-Shell systems are easy to apply from 50° F to 95° F with slower dry times.

Common Epoxy-Shell applications include interior uses such as school hallways, cafeterias, shower and locker rooms, detention, pharmaceutical facilities, animal care, and retail stores.

Dura-Shell Systems
A durable two-part water-based urethane system, Dura-Shell provides superior heat, chemical, and shrinkage resistance plus protection against thermal shock. Formulated with a high tolerance for moisture, high humidity, and temperate extremes, Dura-Shell systems also provide excellent bonding strength.

Dura-Shell Systems are ideally suited for both indoor and outdoor areas and light industrial projects such as food processing areas, prison floors, chemical processing facilities, and pharmaceutical plants.

Poly-Shell Systems
Using the latest development in polyaspartic coating technology, Poly-Shell Systems provide the highest durability and the fastest cure, which means a quick return to service - in hours, not days. Poly-Shell is resistant to UV rays, harsh chemicals (including salt, oil, and gasoline), abrasion, impact, and temperatures up to 350 F. It is also flexible to allow for natural movement within the concrete without cracking or peeling of the coating, making the system perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Poly-Shell Systems are suitable for use in restaurants, commercial kitchens, hospitals, manufacturing plants, universities, stadiums, residential garage floors, driveways, patios, kennels, and veterinary hospitals.

Finishes and Colors
Customers can choose between 10 standard quartz blends, 10 standard flake blends, 16 standard colors or a customized combination. Embedded customized designs in clear coat layers are also available.

“Seal-Krete's new High Performance Flooring Systems offer contractors, architects and specifiers a wide variety of aesthetic, durability, and return to service options,” says Kevin Corcoran, marketing manager at Seal-Krete. “Our High Performance Flooring Systems are designed to meet each customer's specific demands for their project. And multiple standard and custom finishes and color options are offered to achieve just the right look for any project.”


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