Titebond introduces a new line of  
VOC compliant construction adhesives

Franklin International's ‘three-for-all' strategy for construction adhesives

In a perfect world, everyone would want to use water-based low-odor, VOC-free adhesives. But there are still a number of contractors who prefer the performance of solvent based products, and they're willing to pay a little extra for the privilege.

That's why Titebond is launching a line of environmentally compliant solvent based adhesives under the ProVantage label. “We have the GREENchoice product line, which has been very, very widely accepted,” said Craig Stone, the company's Director of Marketing. “But there is still a niche market out there of professional contractors who prefer the performance of solvent based products.”

And not without reason, Stone added. “Solvent based will get you a few things you don't get with a water based. It works well in lower temperatures, it offers a stronger bond to some plastics and metals. And the cure rate, or the time needed for bonding, is more consistent when you're using solvent based because it's not reliant on environmental conditions such as temperature or humidity.”

According to Nick Ford, VP of Business & Technical Support at parent company Franklin International, “We wanted to provide a line of products that would give contractors the performance and consistency they had grown accustomed to from a solvent productx without hitting them too hard in the wallet,” he said. “We had 2 important objectives. One was meeting the contractor's very high performance expectations, and the other was achieving VOC compliance in all 50 states.” ProVantage is also LEED compliant and Green Globes compliant.

As Stone describes it, Franklin had some important built-in advantages in the development process. As a ‘vertically integrated' company, their R&D team doesn't have to wait for 3rd party chemical suppliers to offer new resins, solvent blends, or other key chemicals; they can develop new ingredients in-house and then integrate those materials into the manufacturing process. Vertical integration helps rein in the pricing for their new line, too. ProVantage is priced 15 to 18 percent higher than high-VOC solvent based adhesives. “But that's still 20 percent cheaper than the competing products on the market today,” said Stone.

Ford notes that offering 3 tiers of product gives dealers more strategic choices: a commodity line, a step-up green line, and a premium-priced solvent line, which lets dealers cherry-pick the right assortment for their clientele.

“We are not touting ProVantage as a green product,” said Stone. “That's what our GREENchoice line represents, with its own set of benefits and advantages.”

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