Titebond Advanced Polymer Panel Adhesive 
builds strength in hurry - without VOCs or solvents
Adhesives can play a big role in creating good - or bad - indoor air quality (IAQ). While conventional adhesives may contain VOCs or petrochemicals that can emit harmful fumes for years, contractors are exposed to full-strength emissions on jobsites on a daily basis. So finding effective alternatives is a major priority in green building.

Titebond's GREENchoice line is an important step in that direction, with all products in this green product line contributing to credits under programs LEED – the nation's leading green building accreditation program. Titebond's new Advanced Polymer Panel Adhesive (APPA) has excellent initial grab and develops the strength of its urethane and solvent-based counterparts in one-sixth the time. Record-quick strength and all-solids formulation enable this panel adhesive to bond just about any porous or non-porous material to the toughest surface without the use of fasteners – or environmentally harmful, flammable solvent.
The product rates green-cred in two critical ways: First, it meets the high standards for green building; at the same time, it surpasses contractor demand for initial grab – and ultra-swift strength development. 
Titebond APPA will develop as much strength in four hours as a urethane or solvent-based counterpart will in 24, enabling contractors to install virtually any type of paneling on either porous or non-porous substrates without the use of mechanical fasteners. 
This ultra-versatile adhesive can bond any combination of a long list of substrates, including wood, foam, laminate, FRP, PVC, treated (fire-rated) plywood, metal (galvanized and stainless steel), foam board, ceramic tile, sealed concrete (including below grade), vinyl, fiberglass-faced and/or mold-resistant gypsum board, tub surrounds, as well as most other types of common porous and non-porous building materials.  It is especially cost-effective for remodeling jobs, where new panels can be installed over existing surfaces without requiring tear-down and rebuilding of existing walls.
As part of the company's GREENchoice line, Titebond Advanced Polymer Panel Adhesive is is odor-free, nonflammable and resistant to moisture, mold, and mildew while meeting the nation's toughest VOC restrictions. “As a leader in green adhesives and sealants, we strive to develop products that are both environmentally friendly and that offer the superior level of performance the contractors we serve expect from Titebond products,” said Franklin's director of marketing, Craig Stone. “Our new panel adhesive achieves that combination, and, in fact, offers contractors a new level of performance in panel adhesion.” 
The product is available in 3.5-gallon plastic pails.
www.Titebond.com • (800) 477-4583.

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