Certified Mildew-Resistant Gypsum Board

Georgia-Pacific's DensArmor Plus High Performance Interior Panel and DensShield Tile Backer have become the first gypsum panels to pass the industry's most challenging test for mold resistance: the 12-week long ASTM D 6329 protocol.

The test exposed the panels to extremely mold-conducive conditions for three-times the time-span of the current industry standard, ASTM D 3273… and the panels emerged mold-free.
“These results confirm what we have long known – that our Dens products lead the industry in mold and moisture resistance performance,” said Kendall Clark, Research & Development Program Manager, Georgia-Pacific Gypsum. As it happens, Dens products were also the first to be GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified® and GREENGUARD Children & Schools™ Certified as low-emitting gypsum panels, and they are also listed by The Collaborative for High Performing Schools® (CHPS™) as low-emitting materials.
According to Susan Raterman, a prominent indoor air quality consultant, the test results are quite significant. “Both the length of the test and the fact that it used two of the most problematic species of mold found in buildings are indicative of the rigor of this mold resistance performance standard,” said Raterman, founder and president of The Raterman Group Ltd. “These results raise the bar for the entire industry…” 
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