Green E-Board instead of gypsum board?

John Schutt of Southern Cross Building Products has only been distributing Green E-Board for a short time, but he continues finding new uses for it. The product was introduced mainly for tile backer board. As an MGO board it offered some obvious advantages: the product is waterproof, moldproof, and vermin resistant, which are popular qualities for a product that's going into the bathroom or kitchen. Schutt has sold over 3 million square feet of GEB for backer board since last spring. 

But although MGO board is pricier than other sheetrock products, builders are taking note of the advantages of a breathable product for other uses. “We've done a few homes now where the builder drywalled the entire house,” Schutt stated, “and we're seeing a huge potential in the commercial market. We've sold our 1/4 inch thick product as a tile underlay for floors when you're going over plywood, because we get the highest rating of Extra Heavy on the Robinson Floor Test.” Schutt also points to acoustic advantages, noting that the STC for a wall assembly using 1/2 inch Green E-Board with 3-1/2 conventional batt insulation is 47, compared to 31 for half-inch drywall. The product can be used indoors and out.

Contractors like the lightweight product because they can score and snap it with a regular utility knife. They can also countersink corrosion resistant screws without cracking the board or voiding the warranty. Green E-Board has earned the Class 1 or Class A flame and smoke rating when tested under ASTM E84. It may contribute contribute to LEED credits MR8, minimum EQ, EQ 3.1 (EQ plan during construction) and MR4.1, (materials with recycled content).

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