LED Ceiling Tiles a Cost-Effective Alternative to Fluorescents 


Energy efficient LEDceilingtiles can be installed in place of fluorescent or incandescent lamps in most hanging ceiling frames, where they produce soft, even illumination ideal for office or classroom usage. The units are remote-control dimmable, and available in two colors: Neutral White for commercial locations, and Warm White for residential or hospitality use.
With a 50,000 hour expected life, the 2 foot by 2 foot by 1.5 inch panels weigh less than 5 pounds, have a 3,400 rated lumen output and would last up to 20 years without replacement in the typical classroom setting. LEDceilingtiles are much more durable than incandescent and fluorescent bulbs, and they have passed the rigorous testing required to achieve a c(ETL) safety listing.

While more expensive initially than conventional lighting units, the manufacturer contends that reduced energy costs alone can lead to payback within one year, while also eliminating the need for maintenance staff to replace burnt-out bulbs.

www.ledceilingtile.com • 866-414-GLOW

Lighting that clears the air

     To a large degree, CFLs have become a commodity item, with prices for 14 watt lamps often retailing for less than 2 dollars. Now New Jersey based BULBRITE has introduced a value-added family of products that promises a little extra. Their new Purify02 family of Coil and T5 Quad CFLs are manufactured with a TiO2 coating designed to help purify the air and eliminate odors. That is similar, in theory, to the technology behind self-cleaning concretes such as TX Active.
     BULBRITE is recommending Purify02  for bathrooms, closets, locker rooms, and other damp-smelling rooms in the home, hospital, daycare center, hotel, kennel, gym and similar enclosed spaces. According to the manufacturer, the air purification begins in just 10 minutes, as the photocatalytic process safely breaks down odors at least as effectively chemical air freshners.
     The Purify02 line also performs as energy saving compact fluorescent bulbs that provide a 75 percent energy savings and an expected service life of 8,000 hours. For example, their 15-watt CFL coil offers the same 900 lumen output as a 60-watt incandescent, and their 27-watt CFL T5 Quad outputs  the same 1700 lumens as a 125-watt incandescent. The lamps are available in warm white and daylight color temperatures.
An easy-to-install freestanding retail merchandiser is available for Purify02 dealers and distributors, and product training is also available.
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Energy Efficient Outdoor Fixture

The Lighting Quotient's Ovalinear M159 outdoor fixture incorporates a powerful ceramic metal halide lamp that projects 92 lumens per watt and has a rated life of 12,000 hours.It's attractively outfitted with a high-purity extruded aluminum reflector and a die-cast aluminum ballast compartment that employs a single-piece gasket seal to guard against water entry.
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LED Track Luminaires
Cooper Lighting's new LED track lighting luminaires mirror the size of their Halo Stasis PAR20 and PAR30 fixtures. The PAR20-sized fixture (Small) with three LEDs consumes only 8 watts, with an equivalent intensity of a 50W PAR halogen lamp. The PAR30-sized fixture (Medium) with seven LEDs consumes 18 watts, providing the intensity of the 120W PAR halogen.

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Quick Connect LED Fixtures

Developed for both residential and commercial applications, LEDme™ Quick Connect Fixtures use energy efficient LED technology to ensure a 50,000-hour life and a dimming capability that ranges from 100-15 percent. The Orb model features a compact, circular shape, while Forza sports a jet engine inspired design. Both fixtures are rated for 9-watt LED configurations comparable to a 60 watt incandescent lamp.
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